ABC rule for webpages

The ABC Rule for Web Pages That Lead Potential Clients to You

ABC means Always Be Calling people to action.

(Yes, I made that up from all the old cheesy sales acronyms, hehe. But it’s so true …)

A big problem online, especially with websites and marketing, and generating leads is CONFUSION.

It looks more like this => CoNFu5I0n

Confusion causes people to abandon websites, ignore emails, unsubscribe from lists, and unfollow you. There’s so much disorganization, unreadable content, and confusing layouts on websites, it’s baffling.

I’m sure you’ve been bonked by a confusing webpage before.

You’ll be light years ahead of the competition if you can keep things simple, clear, and easy when it comes to your website and online materials.

A big part of the problem is not having clear action steps for the people looking at your content.

Everything needs a clear next action step.

Pages, sections, articles, videos, downloads, pdfs, ebooks, etc — any and all of it.

Just think about it … Any coach you’ve ever hired or book you’ve bought, or class you’ve signed up for happened from a series of steps.

You’ve researched, you’ve clicked around, you’ve read content, you’ve had calls, and all — all steps that lead up to your final decision to buy.

People are falling off your “sales staircase” so to speak because of missing, broken, or confusing steps.

If you want new clients (subscribers, book sales, group clients) from your online efforts (website, blog, social posts, all of it) make those calls-to-action easy.

Some tips for these “calls-to-action”

Tip 1 – Too many calls-to-action at once is tiring. Go for fewer, even one per page.

Tip 2 – Be clear about the task you want folks to perform and make them easy to do. Use BIG buttons.

Tip 3 – Remind people of the value for taking the next step — which is tied to realizing their dreams and goals.

For example, if you want folks to join your email list, don’t just say “Get updates here” on your sign-up form and don’t ask for their phone number and mailing address. Instead, just ask for their email address only, and point out the value with something like, “Join my list for leadership tips to win trust with your staff, get full buy-in from your team, and realize tangible results for your organization”, if you’re an executive coach.

Even if you’re a generalist coach helping anyone with any goal, you can still point out the value of being on your list with something like, “Get tips to realize deeply meaningful goals in your life, even if it’s hard to stay focused.”Make calls to action, and make them easy peasy!

So, remember your ABCs for your website, Always Be Calling-people-to-action.

If you track stats like “average time on website” and “number of emails received”, those should go up if you have some modest traffic. Hey, I’d love to hear from you! It does make my day to hear comments from visitors — it’s one of those wacky things about the online world. (See how I just called you to action?)

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