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Can’t Decide On Your Domain Name? Five Tips

Can’t seem to settle on the perfect domain name? Perhaps you have too many ideas that it feels impossible to choose.

I’m assuming you’ve read this article, 10 Keys to A Catchy Coaching Domain Name, or you’re partway through the WordPress Setup tutorial called How To Set Up Your Coaching Website On WordPress – 2022 and you’re stuck on your domain name. If you haven’t read those, then they are worth a look. You also might want to get a copy of The Coaching Website Guide too as there are more domain examples and tips there.

I’m confident you can arrive at a good one. Here are some tips to help …

Tip 1: Ponder these questions

If you’re not jittery yet from a caffeine overdose, then get a bigger cup of coffee and sit by a window with a distant view to open up that mind and ponder these questions …

  • Who are your best clients?
  • What are the top challenges and biggest desires they have? I like having my clients list 20 for both challenges and desires – so 40 in total.
  • Are there any common themes like “can’t find love” or “struggling to grow their business” or “can’t stay focused”?

Use ideas from that brainstorm to see if you can piece together a few good choice words into something that sings.

REMINDER! Remember to use to see if your name idea is available and when you’re ready, do both the (1) domain name registration and (2) hosting purchase at and thank me later, hehe.

Tip 2: Consider four or five word domain names

Longer domain names are good choices because they are likely to be available and can bring more specificity to make your message powerful.

You’ve seen a few above, but here are more examples:


Tip 3: Don’t worry about keywords

If you know your ideal keywords and can work them into your domain name, then good, go for it.

Just don’t make your domain name excessively long, ugly, or confusing by stuffing words in there. It’ll do a disservice to your clients and isn’t worth the tiny bit of search value you get.

For most coaches, I would not worry about keywords in your domain name. It’s not a must to succeed. Just a nice-to-have.

If your sole aim is to get traffic from search engines — then try for prime keywords in your domain name. Study SEO and do your keyword research.

Tip 4: Get Out of Your Head and Talk To Your Coach

Bring this up with your coach.

Don’t have a coach? Tsk tsk. Then, grab a good friend who will make space to listen and give their honest reactions.

Friends in marketing or even reaching out to some of your best clients are also good moves so you can see what your buyers think.

You can also post your best few ideas to your Facebook friends via a poll, or to one of your coaching groups.

Yes, getting out of your head and away from those inner demons that thrive on chaos and confusion is a good move to ground you into a good decision.

If you’re getting stuck, bogged down, or struggling with this step, I’ll be your friend for an hour. Contact me here, and we can book a call to help you come to a confident decision.

Tip 5: Avoid perfectionism with this tidbit

One key to biz success is to make quick decisions. Just like in firing arrows at a target, you have to shoot, evaluate, and refire.

The sooner you can get your website, business, and message out to the world, the faster you can adjust course and move towards your goals.

Having a guide, mentor, or Mickey Goldmill (Rocky the boxer’s coach) in your corner can help you avoid common mistakes and progress faster. But you will have to pull the trigger if you want to (eventually) hit bulls-eye.

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