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10 Keys to a Catchy Coaching Domain Name

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In this article, I’ll give you my ten best tips along with lots of examples so you can hone in on a winning domain name for your coaching business.

These days, it can be tough to find the perfect one, because:

  • so many good ones are already taken
  • it’s easy to overthink this and have too many ideas
  • fear of choosing the wrong one can paralyze you

But don’t worry, if you pay heed to these 10 tips below, I think you’ll be in good hands.

Ten Keys to a Catchy Coaching Domain Name for Your Coaching Business

As a quick tip – I like registering my domain name and purchasing hosting at the same time over at

Doing so reduces tech headaches and keeps things simple. Bluehost is also great if you’re using WordPress to build your website.

OK, let’s dive in …

Key #1. Select a Domain Name That Your Clients Like

You’ll hear me say it like a broken record, your website is all about the client.

And so, the first key to a great coaching domain name is that it appeals to your best kinds of clients.

Spend a little time thinking about that lucky guy or gal and what they are after. What are their goals, desires, wishes?

Can you work out a domain name idea that speaks to those interests?

If needed, gather a few ideas and run them by a handful of people who are or could be your clients.

Key #2. Make Sure Your Domain Name is Easy to Read

Online, we love it when things are easy and hate it when they are difficult.

If we struggle to read your domain name, it’s a minus. And, the more minuses people have with your website, the faster they leave.

So make sure it’s effortless to read.

Key #3. Go for a Shorter Domain Name Over a Longer One

Simpler words are easier to remember, spell, and share. That’s important for getting your business out there.

A domain name like is infinitely better than

Every day that goes by, shorter domain names get snatched up.  So, try adding a word to solve the problem.

For example, if is taken, you can try or

Key #4. Find a Domain Name That’s Easy to Remember

How many times have you tried to recall a website’s name and forgot it? Often, I bet.

The easier your website is to remember, the more likely people will visit it and tell others about it.

Which of these look easier to recall later on


How about these?


True, shorter ones won’t be available. But, you still should think about what will be easy to recall.

Key #5. Get a Name That’s Easy to Spell

Some domain names are easy to read and understand but challenging to spell.

For example, sounds simple when spoken, but you can forget spelling it correctly.

Were there two Ls? Two Ns or one? Did it end with an E or not? Gah!!!

If you have a difficult-to-spell name and want to use it, then get the misspellings as well. For example, I’d get (two n’s) as my domain name along with (one n).

Get more domain name ideas and strategies for creating a website that attracts clients in The Coaching Website Guide

The Coaching Site Guide

Key #6. Choose a Coaching Domain Name That Expresses a Benefit

Remember, your clients want good things for their lives, their work, and their relationships.

If your domain name can tickle their fancies, you’ll get them to visit.

Can you see how and imply benefits?

Key #7. Find a Domain Name That Says What You Do

While your domain name may not express a benefit, another smart approach is for it to tell/inform/show clients what you do through it ā€” like “coach”, “coaching” or more loosely “guide”, “advisor”, “supporter”.

For example, or would work.

If you can work in some benefits, that’ll help like or would work.

Key #8. Be Sure Your Domain Name is Available

Don’t get too excited as ideas pop into mind because many of the good ones are gone.

Instead, quickly check your ideas using Then, when you’re ready to buy, get both the name and hosting over at if you’re building on WordPress.

If your name is taken, try little creative tweaking with a word or two.

For example, since is taken, try or or even

Key #9. Go for a .com Domain Name

Go for a domain name that ends in “.com” because that’s what people expect and automatically type in.

Avoid a .net, .org, .co, or any other extension because they look weird. And again, strange, odd, and confusing cause hesitation and distrust in visitors.

If you can’t find one, consider using your country’s extension like who coaches people in Australia.

It may take a little brainstorming, true.

Key #10. Add Keywords, If Easy

It will be tough enough to find a name that’s simple, appealing, and available.

Trying to get keywords in your domain name as well may help a little with search engine rankings, but at cost.

There’s a good chance, especially if you’re no wordsmith that your domain name will become very long, confusing to read, and harder to remember.

Getting good traffic from search engines isn’t highly dependent on keywords in your domain name. If it were, then it would be too easy to abuse.

Instead, top positions in search results come from worthy, hard-earned efforts like great content, quality inbound links, user-friendly design, and more.

So, don’t sweat the keywords.

After weeks of mental overdrive, sleepless nights, and excessive worry, I was able to arrive at my domain name, which has a little keyword action in it.

My domain name is It has a few things going for it including:

  • coach, site, which are keywords related to what I do as a website designer who works with coaches
  • it speaks to a benefit “that work” as many coaches websites don’t work
  • it’s simple and easy enough to understand and spell
  • sadly, it’s not very easy to remember as people think of “coaching websites”, which is already taken as a domain

In work with a client of mine, we came up with and did not go with because it was longer and clumsier to spell, remember and use, even though it does have more keywords in it.

So, if you can smoothly work keywords into your domain name without making a mess, then go for it.

For many coaches, new in business, and not likely to use SEO as their marketing method of choice, worrying about keywords will likely cause time-wasting mayhem.

Examples of Good Coaching Domain Names

Both and are excellent because they express a benefit and tell what you do. I’d prefer the shorter one because it’s easier to remember and spell. is good because it says what the website is about. It speaks to its target audience: business executives who want to improve their personal lives. is excellent because it speaks to those who wish to become a better leader. It’s also easy to recall and spell. Nice! – It obviously says what the website is about. However, this domain has been taken for a long time. could work as well as – This would be a bit long, but it is quite clear. I’d be OK with it, especially if Grace was working with women who had a lot of pain, suffering, and negativity in their lives. – Is great because it’s easy to remember, spell, and pass on to others. It also indicates what John does. – For a health coach who is targeting people who struggle to lose weight and keep it off, this domain name is excellent. Though, it’s long been taken. would work. is probably available and would be suitable for a health coach who also a fitness coach. – This is a superb choice because it’s likely available, tells what the site is about, and is super simple to say, spell, and remember.

Go get your sweet new coaching domain name now!

For more real-life examples and strategies, see this: Find the Perfect Domain Name and Setup WordPress. is the domain name registration powerhouse on the market. Use them as a tool for searching for available domain names and buying in bulk.

If you’re going to build your site soon, on WordPress, then I recommend registering your name and get hosting over at BlueHost.

So, what domain name ideas do you have? Post them below.

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    1. Maybe … isn’t there something with “hang your shingle” about having a coaching business?

      Have you seen all the coaching platforms out there? Quite a few … not that it’s a reason to not create another one, but I’d look at those as competitors to see where/how you’d fit in or do better.

      But, you probably have some intel on this.

      I like the shortness of the name … very short. Easy to recall and spell. Nice.

  1. Hi Kenn, one aspect I have been struggling with is my website name. Specifically, a few of the names I really like are not available with a “.com” extension. Being based in Canada, I know I could use the “.ca” extension instead. I guess I am wondering if you think its more advantageous to think of a name that has both a .com as well as a .ca extension available. I have read a number of articles stressing the importance of having a .com extension, so that’s why I am a little hesitant to choose a name with only the .ca ending.
    My business will be as a personal running coach and Iā€™m hoping to have a local group that I meet for in-person coaching, in addition to coaching clients online. Thanks for your insight on this!

    1. Hey Andrew.

      I know it can be tough to make the final decision on your domain name.

      You may want to go with .ca and see if you can’t get traction with your small group first, before going global. Esp if this is all new.

      But yeah, I’d go for a .com where possible.

      What are the names you’re considering? Post them below so I can buy them and resell them to you for millions ;P. Just kidding.

      If you do choose, post what you decided.

      You can also try “running” your domain name by 10 people you’re considering for the club, feedback will help.

      Will you do that? If so, can you come back and post the findings?

      Great question. Domains can be tough to sort out. Feels so permanent.

      1. Hi Ken,
        you are right when you said choosing a domain feels so permanent. I think that’s why I have spent so long trying to find a name that I really like. I am leaning towards going for a .com as you suggested. Its not easy to find a good .com domain that doesn’t cost thousands, but I have managed to come up with a shortlist that I like. I am running my list of names by some people to get their feedback, as you suggested in your post. I would be happy to come back on and post what I end up going with. Thanks again Kenn for your sound, professional advice.

  2. I can’t speak for others but it seems often when I am in a self-debate you come up with an article that helps move the needle (albeit in my case a relatively slow needle). Great article. I have chosen my domain name and will provide by pm for your feedback (I haven’t bought it yet). Thanks for all the helpful information and encouragement and congrats on Version 3 of The Coaching Website guide.

  3. Hi Kenn, I’m very happy with the domain name:

    But I have done no real work on SEO and not sure where to start. (I use Yoast on WordPress.)

    My main focus is trying to build blog traffic but I also attract a few coaching clients. Any suggestions?

    Cheers, Leigh

  4. Thank you for this! I’ve been reading your blog posts for a while now and they have been super helpful. I’m just starting to branch out into coaching and developed my website,

    I’m a little worried my reach is too wide and I should narrow down my target audience more, but still pondering that….

    Thanks for all of your helpful content!!! -Katherine

    1. Cool domain name Katherine. Like it!
      You can certainly start to narrow by simply “hanging out” in a narrower space, and then see if you get traction.
      Tweak your message and see how goes.

  5. Hello Kenn,
    Sending appreciation to you for all the great tips and advice you post. OMG! I spent years trying to land on that perfect domain, only to find that names I like were already taken or cost a lot. Thus I ended up using my last name. WascovichCoaching. I would like to to have a softer feel via different fonts or imagery, but I’d probably require technical help. Tina

    1. Very welcome. I know it. I struggled with for a long time and then just gave up and had some coaches (my market) give me the name. It’s kinda tricky to “build your dream business” which may seeming be “all about you” and in ways it is important to serve you, but when it comes to the buying decision, the client’s gotta love your site. Then one’s gotta be authentic too – which is all about you but in a way, appealing to the client. Tricky.

  6. When following the suggestion to say what you do, is it a necessary consideration for the domain to align with/correspond with the name of your company.practice?

    1. Nope … I would make my website name serve the client. If it happens to match your business name, then cool.

      In fact, you may have several website names and addresses under the umbrella of your company name.

    1. Wed thy name šŸ˜‰

      Fun theme “spark”

      I like the simplicity.

      I took a quick look at your website, and you might want to make your free giveaway more prominent and retitle it from “Free Values Assessment” to something that ties to being happy, fulfilled doing meaningful work.

      Like “Find Your Core Values to Find Work You’ll Love” … benefits are what clients are after.

  7. GREAT article. very clear, informative and very useful. Thank you for this awesome free resource.