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A Blog is used to provide commentary or news on a particular subject. They could be the business founder’s advice to customers as well as news. It could be some backpacker’s journal across Asia. Many coaches use this to publish content quickly.

A Coaching Blog is great because:

  • You can let who you are come out sooner and faster, so that you can connect with prospects deeper and quicker.
  • Content can be dispersed faster to social networking, RSS readers, other websites that come to yours for content, and to those who subscribe to your blog.
  • You can easily publish content without needing a designer to create new pages.
  • Search engines will visit them more often and give them search engine kudos if they are update regularly.

A Website is traditionally used for very directly detailing what your business is about and has to offer. They are mostly done poorly. The better ones are easier to use, have great copy, and are used as part of a system for some intention.

A Coaching Website is great because:

  • It can build your credibility
  • It provides prospects with various service offerings

A BlogSite is a combination of a website (traditional use) and a blog.

A Coaching BlogSite is great because:

  • It harnesses the benefits of the two
  • It helps you and your prospect connect faster

A Website System is a combination of tools, website, blog, email list, auto-responders.

A Coaching Website System is really great because:

  • It helps you reach out to potential clients
  • It gets prospects into your marketing systems for automatic wooing
  • It excites prospects about your offerings

I recommend creating a Coaching Website System.

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