Coaching Website Review – Business Coach Caroline

Here’s a quick website review for Caroline Carter. Her business coaching website is at

Click here if the video doesn’t show.

As I create, review or enhance websites, I always keep this guiding question in mind, How can I make this website better for attracting clients?

Key points for Caroline’s business coaching website:

  • Logo and menu an nicely placed in the top left and top right. Fab!
  • I suggest you expand on your tagline/message to bring in the benefits of what you do. The “Who We’re For” on the about page is AWESOME!!! That speaks a lot to what you do. I can easily understand and see what your services are valuable. Get a 1-2 sentence version of that for the top of the home page.
  • Break up big blocks of text into sentences. Yes, one sentence per paragraph is good. Think “bites”.
  • * You’ve certainly created a fun vibe with the colors and faces. Most excellent!
  • Many more little tweaks and edits to polish it up.

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