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Coaching Website Reviews During #LockdownLife Edition

For some productive fun, as we (I’m in New Zealand and there’s been a small COVID flare-up) get another dose of lockdown life, I’m cooking a fresh batch of website reviews.

website feedback

Below are five website reviews for some coaches (and on photographer) on my email list (you can sign up here) a few weeks back.

If you missed that offer, but want me to review your coaching website, you can book a private one-on-one review session with me (paid) which is 90 minutes long on Zoom.

Website Review 1 of 5

Website Reviews 2 of 5

Website Review 3 of 5

Website Review 4 of 5

Website Review 5 of 5

These reviews are on the way and I will send them to my list, which you can sign up for over here.

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  1. Using the guideline as per your book – i managed narrowed my scope of work snd focus on one area : overwhelmed women

    Biggest challenge ; how to market myself

    Biggest question on website : have I really done it right

  2. Hi, my website is

    I’m not sure I “love” anything about my website. Whils at I’m happy about and proud of is that I got in up and running on my own. It for the most part has the basic information about my coaching business that I want to present and I like the homepage.

    My biggest struggle with it has been that I get very few visits and don’t understand much about SEO. I’m in the process of creating a lead magnet which should help, but I know the technical part of added it to the site and linking the emails I collect to mail chimp will be hard.

    My biggest question is how to draw more traffic to my website and once there how to get visitors to take action like scheduling a free consult or downloading my lead magnet/signing up for newsletter so I have their name and email.

    1. Hi Kenn, Thank you so much for the helpful review! It’s a lot to absorb but there are definitely some small easy changes I can implement right away that should make a difference. I probably will have some questions, when I have more time to devote to it but I wanted to express my gratitude for giving me your expert advice right away.

  3. Hello Kenn
    I would love a review

    My website was designed by a professional. At 68 I am beyond doing the basics
    My biggest struggle is that I do not get clients through it.
    My biggest question is: Why do we need them?

    Kind regards

    1. Hi Elaine …

      Ultimately, what you need is clients, and how you go about getting them is up to you.

      You can use websites.
      You can give talks.
      You can network your butt off.
      You can try ads.
      You can run down the street screaming about what you do.

      There are many ways to build credibility, get attention, and reach clients.

      Whatever strategy you use, you will need to work that strategy.

      Got no strategy, no clients, then maybe you and I should sit down and figure that out.

      Being locked down these days, it’s nice to get clients using the Web — my favorite way.