How to Write Website Content When You’re Resisting It

I know it can be a pain-in-the-butt to write content.

You can try to sit down and write, and your head spins in circles because you’re not sure what to write about, to whom you’re writing or what you’re actually offering.

The reason I see so many coaches get stuck on the copy is because they get “stuck in their heads.”

And in today’s article, let me show you how to get out of your own head, and into someone else’s to write great content.

to write great copy get out of your head

Before we jump from brain to brain, here are three funky things that happen in your head, when you stay in it too long …

1. There’s a Pressure to Look Smart

You want your writing to come out great, exciting and basically show that you’re a savvy coach.

You want your words to impress people so that they contact you about coaching them.

2. You’re Trying to Make Everyone Happy

Sadly, trying to write content that appeals to a wide range of people is rough.

Even focusing on women and relationships, or leadership for men, which are seeming much more narrow topics, can be rough.

This is because people are different. They have different challenges, different situations, and different beliefs.

But what you can do is write for ONE person with ONE challenge.

And in doing so, your writing will hit home with that person as well as others who are in a similar boat.

Also, your words will be focused and those without said challenge will also enjoy and easily follow along.

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[3. Mental Baggage

You may have ideas that copy should be long or it should be short. It should be fluffy or it should be direct.

Or your mind might be in “edit mode” which is spotting spelling or grammar hiccups, or such structural items making it hard to let the words flow from deep wisdom.

These “should thoughts” can stop you from getting any writing done.

And here’s a trick I use to hop from your cranium into another’s and how that leads to great copy.

Do any of the following to get yourself closer to what SOMEONE else is thinking, feeling, or worrying about.

  • Think about work with a current or past client who is stuck. What were they struggling with? What insights or beliefs or questions would help them begin dealing?
  • Dig up an email of someone (client, subscriber, friend) who has mentioned a challenge of theirs. Read it and then feel what they are feeling. What ideas are coming to mind that could help them?
  • Go chat online or visit discussion groups and find a conversation you’ve had (or are secretly watching) where someone is stuck on something. What are they saying? What coaching questions or suggestions would help them?

When you do forget about your own thoughts, and immerse your attention towards others, your natural desire to help them (your inner coach or advisor or problem solver) will bring you to a better space for expressing helpful ideas.

You are now in your HEART. Writing from this space will be warm, soulful, real and great.

For Example

I recently got this message from a subscriber to my email list …

“I’m not doing it. I don’t want to learn how to write content for a website. I want someone to do it FOR ME. I really can’t get my head around what I offer and to whom (yet). So I’ll just go round in a million circles. And I literally don’t want to spend a month doing it.”

This person has told me what’s in THEIR head.

And in reading her email, and from my experience, I can understand what she’s going through as I’ve helped others with this very challenge.

My inner coach pops out. It comes with advice to give (which may or may not be useful) but also questions to ask to help them challenge their limiting thoughts, or find ways to ease up on anything that causes resistance.

And I can easily write about that stuff.

In fact, the advice in this article (to get out of your head and into someone else’s) was written for her.

Make sense?

To Sum It Up

If you’re struggling to write great content for your website, be it articles, pages, offers or emails, remember that your coaching business is all about the client and if you can take the time to get into their head you’ll be better positioned to create content that serves them.

This kind of copy is what clients love to read about.

Hearing From You Will Make My Day. Just Post Your Thoughts Below.

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