How to Edit Text on WordPress with Divi

How to Edit Text for Coaching Websites on WordPress with Divi

This is a super basic screencast for logging into your WordPress website and editing text using the Divi theme. It’s great if it’s your first time accessing your website or you want a quick refresher because it’s been a while.

  • Get a sense of the WordPress environment
  • See what the Divi theme is like
  • Learn how to make a simple text edit
  • A few other random tips and tricks

Sorry in advance for the extra voices from some loud folks who strolled in mid-way.

This website uses the Divi Theme by Elegant Themes which I love for creating websites because helps me create slick designs fast while being “easy enough” for clients and students to use.

This website follows the concepts in The Coaching Website Guide.

Thanks to Lisa Wargofchik, holistic life coach for women who are stuck in a rut and want more energy and excitement in their lives, for sharing her website in the video.

Comments about WordPress? Divi? What would you like to know more about?

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