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100 Ideas for a Fascinating Freebie


A great freebie (giveaway) on your website does all kinds of good for your coaching business.

It :

  • Builds your credibility
  • Drives people to your website (there’s a good reason to go there other than your begging them to “check you out”)
  • Can generate leads when you put calls to action in it
  • Builds trust

Essentially, it gives people a good taste of what you’re about while delivering valuable content to them.

A checklist type of freebie is fabulous because it is :

  • easy to make
  • easy for people to consume (download, read, print, use)
  • super valuable if the content is well-chosen

And so, one great move for your website’s freebie is creating some sort of checklist like these:

  • 10 Point Health Checklist: Are you doing the basics for great health?
  • The Before You Build Website Checklist – 16 Things to Have in Place
  • 12 Fight-Starter Words to Avoid, If You Want Good Communication in Your Relationship

In my recent messings with, a great place to find new words, I looked up words related to “checklist”.

I got a big list. Here it is :

freebie ideas for coaching website

As you can see, there’s a LOT!

Depending on your area of coaching, you could find words that suit.

Here are two quick ideas that come to mind:

  • Profit Tool Kit for Construction Businesses – A List of Must-Have Tools
  • Relationship Reminders List – 10 Little Things That Keep Your Woman Happy

Are any ideas coming to mind for you?

Share it below. I’d love to hear.

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  1. Love the resource! Thank you very much.

    Are there “BEST” rules/guidelines for the freebie format?

    1. Words are fun and interesting.

      Any ideas for how to turn “bios” into some sort of freebie? What might be the title?

      BIOS – a set of computer instructions in firmware which control input and output operations.