How to Show BIG BENEFITS on Your Coaching Website


If you want me to review your coaching website then schedule some quality time with me here and we’ll find high-impact yet easy-to-do enhancements to improve your website for client-attraction.

Vincent’s website is here:

I like the clean and easy layout. The logo and menu are easy to identify and locate. That’s great for making me feel safe to move about your site.

In Steve Krug’s book, Don’t Make Me Think, he gives us a few questions to ask when testing to see if your website is easy to use. One of the questions is “Why should I be here and not somewhere else?”

For coaching websites, that means …

Visitors (aka potential clients) need some BIG BENEFIT to gain at your website or they’ll just disappear. They need a good reason to stick around, to join your list, to watch your webinar, to buy your book, or to contact you for coaching. The need a good reason to become a tribesman. And that needs to be clear, immediately upon arriving at your site, without scrolling, without clicking and without reading. ~ Kenn Schroder

For Vincent’s website, the one tweak I’d make is to create a headline or tagline that hits on big benefits.

BEFORE: Here’s the site now …

christian life coach before

AFTER: Here’s a quick mock up to get benefits visible faster …

christian life coach after

Again, this site has a nice clean layout that’s makes me safe about navigating.

Vincent, if you can get your message across (big benefits), faster and sooner, you’ll grab more attention and engage more people and your message will reverberate more out on the Web.

[box]One diagram in The Coaching Site Guide, shows you over 7 ways to further get your BIG BENEFITS prominent right on your home page, above the fold. Plus there’s a lot more for building a client-attracting coaching website. You can find out more about the guide, here. [/box]


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  1. Hi Ken, I would like to have a conversation about your services. Please send your contact info when you can. Want to hit the ground running with something simple. Your work is really awesome!