How to Write a Coaching Service Summary that Sells

In this tutorial, I’m going to share with you a very powerful way to summarize any one of your coaching services (programs, groups, classes, etc).

To clarify something, when you start a coaching business and in growing it, you’ll be creating “coaching services”. These are the offerings people can engage in. It’s what they can say “yes” or “no” to.

And when people visit your site, they’ll be perusing your content, reading your emails, etc. When you promote your services or when people come a lookin to see what you offer,  they’ll check out your products and services.

One element in promoting these “service offerings” (again, this is not just general chat about coaching tools, questions or your credentials, this is about a concise specific “offer”) is to have a brief summary of that service.

A brief summary can be used in many places including: your web page that lists services, a part of handouts at a workshop, or in a profile you have on the Web.

So, in this tutorial, I’ll walk you through steps to writing a very attractive service summary.

But first, let me show you two examples.

Example 1

Here’s an example for a Money Coach who offers debt coaching.

This habit-changing 12-month coaching service implements a personalized debt-escape plan for hard-working parents in debt up to their necks. You’ll eliminate the money worries, gain security for your kids, and enjoy fun family life again.

Now if you’re not raising a family and are not in debt, this might not be so exciting to you, but I think you get the idea. To help hit home, let me give you another example that will probably grab your emotions firmly.

Example 2

New Biz Coaching is for new coaches who are struggling to market and grow their business. Together, in monthly intense meetings, weekly momentum meetings, and daily action check-ins, we strategize and implement a plan for more clients, more money, and less stress. Ultimately, you’ll spend most of your time doing your love – coaching others to succeed.

Is this second one much more enticing?

Yes, because they are more related to you. The point I want you to take is that you need to focus on your market’s desires, challenges, pains, etc. This is true whether you’ve got a niche or not.

Given that, here are the four elements to create your own enticing service summary:

1. Who it’s for

In a short phrase, describe your market. Use descriptors to help pinpoint who they are. In the examples above we have “middle class parents in debt” and “new coaches”.

2.  The big pain(s) they have

Next, we add the top pain or pains they have. Don’t list them all, but just to top one or two that really hit home. In the examples above we have (parents) “in debt up to their necks” and (coaches) “struggling to market and grow their businesses”.

3. A key feature or two of the service

In the first example we highlight “12-month” to show a key aspect of the service. I juiced it up to highlight value of this one year time frame -> “12-month habit-changing”. 12 months might seem long, but if they know it’s “habit changing” they’ll be thinking, “I need that! My money habits  suck! Give me 2 years!”

4. The resulting benefits

Now, to top off your description, point out the ultimate benefits to be gained. This should include physical real things (clients, money in the second example) that will exist as well as inner feelings or sensations (less stress, and enjoy your love of coaching).

Bear in mind, this is a service “summary”. Therefore you don’t need it to be ultra long. Usually its use is in a limited space – say at the bottom of a brochure. Therefore don’t get carried away making it too long.

In the future, when you know where you’ll be using it, then you can add more benefits, pains, features to it.

Bonus tip!

As a bonus tip, on your actual service description page (the full-length detailed page on your website describing the service), you can use this summary as your first paragraph.

Got some services that need reworking? How about you take out one of them now and write up a short summary and post it below?

If you’ve never written a service before, how about trying to write up a fictitious one? Be creative! Over the top is good too – play a little!

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