Increase Website Visits: 2 Compelling Titles Deconstructed

Something that always fascinated me was how to title things. Titling things well is a huge piece of your marketing because it gets attention and gets your people thinking about their goals – one of your key skills as a coach!

Three of my favorite components to good titles are:

  1. Mystery Element  (5 of this, how to that, secret to)
  2. Value Element (… to reach this goal, … to eliminate that challenge)
  3. Uniqueness: Uniqueness (fast, you can do now, free, new, for elephants)

Here is the first of two examples…

— New Program: 10-Week Fat-Shedding w/o Exercise —

Why I like it?

  • It promotes a new program and I like it when coaches put invitations out to get people engaged
  • People love the word “new”
  • States the value: shedding fat
  • Mystery element: What’s this program?
  • Uniqueness: “w/o exercise” (which is also quite valuable)

It could be better if it used the word “weight-loss” because people probably search on the term weight loss more than “fat shedding.”

Though, SPAM blockers might be on the lookout for the phrase, “weight-loss” and prevent this email from getting through.

And the second example is…

— Free: An Audio Interview with Dawn Allen on Removing Blocks to Love —


  • Mystery – the content in the interview
  • Benefit – removing blocks to love -> hence find love
  • Uniqueness, and value: It’s an audio and it’s from famous love coach
  • Free is very powerful. We like free.

(Side note: Dawn does have some audio recordings for women seeking Mr. Right on her home page here:

A great book on titles: Tested Advertising Methods by John Caples and Fred E. Hahn). It got 5 of 5 stars from 58 people at Amazon. You know it’s a winner. This book increased my newsletter open rates from approximately 20% to 80%.

On a side note, when I work with clients, I’m very sensitive to what they title things in their materials. I challenge their titles to help ensure they pack a punch.

As a quick additional tip, if you are struggling to choose a title, for say an ebook, what you should do is share it with 10 people in your target audience and get their reactions. That should help you decide.

Got a great Blog Entry Title You Love? Wonder if your recent title could be improved? Post it as a comment and let’s see wutcha got.

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