Lean Websites


There’s what most newbies do -> Try to be perfect, make a huge effort, learn everything, write everything, then finally get a website up, get it out there and … dum dum dum … they get crickets.

what are lean websites

Then time goes by and they start to see how people respond to their website, business, message, etc.

The newbies start to “learn”.

Then they try again, having learned a little more. Then they try again, and again. Getting better and better.

Then they look back, years later, and wished they fussed less, tried more, got out sooner, and made more mistakes.

When it comes to your website, I urge you to flip things around … and try to go “lean” right now.

Get the barebones website up. Get the essence of your message up. Get your basic offering out there. And do it minimal, imperfect, and quick, then get people to respond to it.

That is, go lean.

If you do that, you can see how people react and learn sooner and improve.

It’s like shooting a basketball.

After the first few minutes, your ability goes up. A few more minutes, up and up. Days, weeks, months, up, up, up.

Just by shooting and adjusting and shooting right away.

If you read books about shooting, watch videos about shooting, shoot one basket, then stop and analyze the heck out of it whether you shot correctly or not. You shoot worse and you get a headache.

True, learn by studying, reading. Learn by getting a coach or mentor. Sure, sure, sure.

But if that’s all you do, and you don’t shoot, you don’t learn. So shoot more.

Go lean. Go learn. The sooner the better, especially with your website.

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  1. Thank you for a GREAT lesson reminder about learning in life. I can relate because I’ve been there done that.
    Despite the time wasted I did however learned how to do things differently going forward.

    This lesson reminds me about the same tools used in building our self-confidence, it come when we take action.