Maximizing Email Signups: Should I Ask for Phone and Address on My Form?

I’m helping a client set up a squeeze page (or landing page, or sign-up page), which is a one-page invitation to sign up for a list. Midway through development, he asked me …

I noticed that you are only collecting the name and email address of the prospect. I would like more information unless you think it unwise to ask for it at this time. I would like to have a telephone number, business name, and address. I would also like to have a cell phone number if possible. Is this too much to ask them for at this point?

And he’s right. My response …

The more you ask for, especially without obvious need or reason, the lower the sign-up rate. Why?, because people are afraid of getting junk email, getting junk regular mail as well as invasion of privacy and identity theft. They are hesitant to give out their personal contact info.

I suggest just name and email, and not to ask for more information without it making sense to ask for. For example, if you were to invite people to explore working together, then you will need a phone #.

If your strategy is to  warm call prospects, then OK, ask for a phone number. If you intend to mail them something, then yes, go ahead and ask for an address; but best tell them what you’re going to send –  and make sure you’re sending something valuable to them!

The strategy I suggest is to simple get a name and email address and then give it time. Take it step by step. As they get to know you more, you can ask for more – and sell more! Uhh, I mean offer more truly valuable products and services!

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