On Your Site, What Should You Call Yourself? Coach?

On your website, what should you call yourself? Coach? Transition coach? Business coach? Success coach? Health coach?

What if you’re a health coach and you don’t want to rule out “wellness” ?  But hey, you’re also holistic too, so how about “Holistic Health and Wellness Coach?”

While from your point of view, the title “coach”, “health coach”, “business coach” encompasses what you do. But from your client’s perspective, these kinds of titles don’t do much but give them a point of reference.

I’ve got a different angle for you to consider to make good use of your title.

Remember, in addition to being a “coach”, you are also a marketer.

And as a marketer, part of your job is to motivate your potential clients towards their goals.

And, your professional title is an opportunity to help you market.

What would happen if you called yourself something that gets prospective client’s juices flowing? Something that WOWS them about your ability to help them?

For example, if you’re a career coach who helps women in finance starting their own consulting business, then instead of “transition coach” or “career coach”, how about “Finance Business Success Coach?”

Say you’re a health coach, and you do a lot around helping people lose weight. You could title yourself something like, “Weight-Loss Coach.” Or, if you’re working with athletes, then “Iron Man Coach” might do the trick.

If you’re in nutrition, then “Nutrition Expert” would work.

This helps your clients think bigger. And, it helps align you to loftier heights.

Your title also helps brand you.

It helps you stand out from other people who serve your clients.

It makes you memorable.

A client of mine calls himself The Boomer Strategist. It’s getting a lot of attention.

Your title also helps you be bigger.

If you call yourself the “Double Profits Coach,” you’ve got a name that will get a lot of attention, AND you’ve got some great things to live up to. Motivating!

How can you find a snazzy name?

First, list out some things in great detail:

  • The top 10 challenges/situations your clients have
  • The top 10 goals/desires/end results they’d love to achieve
  • Subject areas of coach on

From these lists, you ‘ll see lots of buzzwords, phrases, and words to spark ideas.

Combine some of those phrases with words like guru, expert, specialist, king, pro, wizard.

Try http://www.thesaurus.com for more ideas.

You will want to do a search on the name you come up with to confirm it isn’t being widely used by another professional. That could cause some confusion for your market and legal issues.

Here are some you might have heard of:

  • The Interview Coach (helps people land the job)
  • The Ezine Queen (marketing coach using ezines)
  • The Fat Loss Coach (helps you shed pounds)

In conclusion, remember that you’re a marketer and clients want to be motivated to improve their situation. Make your professional title something that will inspire them (and you!) to great heights.

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  1. I don’t know why this was written 10 YEARS AGO and still has no comments or likes (wtf?!), but I’ll be the first to do each. You started in marketing around the same time as I did, it sounds like. Always nice to see fellow entrepreneurs still around, providing so much better, deeper expertise than others in the space. Thanks for these useful, inspiration-jogging reminders, Kenn, as I refine my new site.