When Reality Bites Your Website Project


You know it’s gotta get done. It’s long overdue and becoming a nagging nuisance in the back of your mind.

Get your site done, get your marketing going, get out there and tell people what you do so you can start adding paying clients and start taking key steps to your coaching biz dreams.

But reality bites and bites hard.


Life can “get in the way” with all the curveballs of family, health, and the endless barrage of “stuff” that comes at you electronically …

Emails, texts, calls, what’s app and Facebook.

It’s no joke – life, while we do our best to “love what shows up”, can easily toss us into fire-fighting (sadly, on things that aren’t really emergencies, and often aren’t worth a moment of our attention).

Ok. Ok. Ok. That’s the reality. Stuff and life are stealing our precious, time, energy and focus.

How do we get back to what’s vital and make it happen?

1. Get a deadly deadline

You know the deal – back in school, when exam day comes, studying is done and it’s sink or swim.

The deadline of a paper due, a test day or graduation will force you to take action and stay focused on the important.

That creates stress – but it’s good stress because it’s for a good, bigger purpose. (Bad stress would be saying you’ll build your site and never doing anything about it – yipes!)

So get a deadline. A deadly one – one where there’s a risk of not achieving it, like embarrassment or a loss of money.

Loss of money – I challenged my lady to pay one thousand dollars to me if she failed on her personally chosen, 30-day challenge to do her quick mini-workout each day. She did well.

Embarrassment – Post to all your Facebook friends that your website is launching on a certain date. Even promise to give them a $5 bill each if you fail. There’s a deadly deadline.

If these sound scary, then you probably need to do them. 😉

The Coaching Site Guide

Did your website project bite the dust? 

Maybe it failed to launch or perhaps it came out, as one coach I know put it, fugly.

Or perhaps it’s not converting or not doing much of anything and it’s time to revamp.

No matter what happened, so many coaches are launching quickly and getting clients with the tips, tricks, tools and treasures they found in the guide I wrote called, The Coaching Site Guide.

Don’t sit around with a messy site. Clean things up, and get out there and market online because people need coaching badly.

2. Make space

First thing each day, make space for just 20 minutes to start on your website project.

20 minutes is perfect because you can’t make an excuse for not having 20 minutes.

And you can fit in the time into any day, always.

Just also remind yourself, you can stop after 20 minutes as well.

Also, define exactly what you’ll do in that 20 minutes. For example, “draft home page content” or “register my domain name”.

Keep that task pretty small and doable within 20 minutes.

It also works well if you set that 20 minutes just before something important like your workout or heading out to work.

3. Get a coach

Get a coach with a big whip. One who won’t let you leave the session with some form of committed action to do.

What do you need to stay accountable?

When was the last time you were so engulfed in something or so dedicated to finishing it, you stayed accountable?

Use those circumstances or situations to get ideas about what it will take to make you be accountable again – and bring this stuff up with your coach.

4. Go Warren buffet style (I love this one!)

A friend of mine taught me Warren Buffet’s trick which I’ll restate in my words …

Make a list of 30 things you need to get done.


Then, from the 30, pick out 5 and label them priority A.

Then, DO NOT label the other 25 as priority B, but instead, label them as DISTRACTIONS.  😉

So anytime you find yourself working on priority B stuff, stop, go back to something on the A list.

5. My friend Gayle Scroggs said …

She said something profound to me.

It was this question, “How can we get more of that in your life?”

I really liked how this is focused on putting important things into life because the effect will be crowding out the stuff you don’t want.

Simple genius.

How can you get more fun, creative, enjoyable time into your life to work on your website project?

The Coaching Site Guide

No matter how you go to where you are now, don’t continue on the same path with a site that isn’t pulling its weight.

Instead, learn from my work and the success of coaches on how to put together a great site for building credibility, driving traffic, winning trust and generating new clients.

And do it without being salesy (aka clumsy) but instead being authentic and true to who you are.

I put all of what I know, from developing and marketing websites since 2001, in The Coaching Site Guide.

You’re basically downloading my brain into yours!

6. Join my website course

Yep. This is a total promo to buy from me but for a great reason. I can’t ignore this option as so many students rave about it – so you’ve got to know it about it as an option.

Enrolling in my course is a smart move because I’ve documented simple steps to build your site fast, without needing to hire a web designer.

You get plenty of support, a deadline, help with content (a big sticky spot) and your site isn’t just any old site, but one designed for client-attraction.

The sad catch is that I don’t always offer the course. Go here to find out when the next one is and to get email updates about it.

7. Dream-building because things got small

If we aren’t working on big things, the small things become the big things.

So, it might be time to fill your head space with your dreams for your coaching biz and life.

Just think about the last time you spend a good hour or two on top-level thinking.

Maybe it was with a coach who asked about your dreams, and cared about it.

You went into extreme detail, got images and wrote it all down.

Your butt was on fire and you jumped into action, easy, excited, get-things-done action.

You might be due for a dose of that again.

If so, find time to work with your coach or favorite tool/program to get your big dreams back on the radar.

When life bites you in the butt

It might be that you’ll need to step back to your tried and true techniques.  The ones that have already worked for you to get things done.

Make sure your website project is a high priority item, because you’ve got coaching business dreams to pursue.

…and then choose a method that’s going to work for you and get to it!

How do you get short-term, high-priority projects done in the face of a busy life? What has worked best for you in the past?

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