Taking Forever to Build Your site? Two Tricks to Get it Done Quickly

Taking Forever to Build Your Site? Two Tricks to Get it Done Quickly

Taking Forever to Build Your site? Two Tricks to Get it Done Quickly

Yes, sometimes website building projects can drag on too long. They can kill the excitement when developing a new coaching business – especially if you’ve hired someone and you are at their mercy.

In the ideal world, you can get your website done quickly, simply, and looking good – and you’re off and running – marketing your business. Growing it.

Common causes of a slow build include lack of a project manager, scope creep, and lack of a vision for your site, and perfectionism. Whichever your reason for slow progress, here are two ways to hack at it and get the darned thing done!

Trick 1 – Make a site map

Many new coaches in business, they often approach the site building process by thinking of tabs (the menu links at the top) for their site like Home, Services, About and Contact and then jump in with a web designer to build it.

Then, once the project is underway, new ideas start to show up that extend the project, many of which are unneeded for now. Ideas like adding PayPal (even though there’s nothing to sell), adding a time-tracker (even though no one is asking for your time yet), or adding a private/member area (even though you have no paying clients) are common ones.

The thing that’s needed here, and where a designer can help you out, is a sitemap. Simply a list of pages you are going to have, and call it a day.

By doing so, you have an endpoint in mind.

Trick 2 – Set a deadline – or a “Go Live” date

Pick a day in the future to have the site done and go live with it.

Make this deadline aggressive. Things get done faster, with less fuss or “extra research” when the timeline is short.

And due to the forced focus of this date, productivity gurus claim the quality of the work is greater (yes, counterintuitive).

True or not, more importantly, things get done when deadlines are around. Yes, it can require some effort, but the effort (or shall I say stress) of a dragging project is worse.

To set a day, pick a date that both you and your designer can agree as a reasonable day to go live. Aim for shorter in time than longer. Then, put a phone call on the calendar.

Bonus points – ask your designer to tell you what needs to be done, week by week until that go-live date in order to reach it. Get an email with the detail for reference.

In summary, your business growth mojo can get zapped if your website (a core element to many coach marketing efforts) is slow to arrive. Setting a tight deadline and clearly outlining the sitemap are two good moves to getting the job done on time.

Got a website project dragging on? What’s happening? Can you apply the two ideas above to get it moving faster? I’d love to hear what’s happening with you.

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  1. OMG this Post is so priceless –> as are you Kenn Schroder.

    These Tricks, which in fact aren’t tricks, but rather something most of us Bloggers, Coaches & Entrepreneurs know, but sadly (me) haven’t stuck to doing because of a lack of a concrete deadline, procrastination, busy brain of creative ideas running through my head consistently or the ability to Coach ourselves (I am on the job to changing all the time wasting, so I wanted you to know that this post gave me a little push towards doing that much more, especially with all the great tips, ya know).

    Trick for me and many other Entrepreneurs —> begin working on your own project (the Brand of DwriteWELL) as if it were a High Paying Client or that Dream Client & Stay Laser focused, while being relentless to the work that must be done, (—> Memo to self —>) so you (Daphne) can complete, execute and accomplish all your (my) online and offline goals as a Web Owner, Blogger, Coach, and InfoPreneur, and whatever else we are calling ourselves these days as we Become.

    By the way, my Coaching services and website is being built as I type here, and needless to say I am super thrilled about it, which is why I am here reading my 5th online article for the day and logging off to remain on point.

    Kenn, I am so glad that I found you on Google, you came up 1st in the search engines. I have joined the newsletter, and will come here often to tell you how my Coaching Program/Website is going needless to say I am excited about it all.

    Again thanks for this post, it was S8T, no Chaser, I thoroughly enjoyed it too.

    Now off to focusing on my focus, which is rebuilding me, my brands while building my Coaching Program from scratch. Later tonight I will be researching tools to implement within the Coaching section of my business model as I re-brand all of who I am.

    Thanks again Kenn,

    Peace, Daphne

  2. Thanks for this – I’ve just finished my new website but find that keeping the blog up to date and fresh is a full time job. I actually love it but find I am neglecting my existing clients!