Three Parts of a Freebie That Attracts Clients

3 parts of coaching freebie

Clients want certain changes in life/career/relationships/health/etc. You, the coach, want new paying clients to sustain your business.

Clients want to see that you’re a good coach they can work with, that you are smart, that you have a good way of helping clients, that you can get results, that you are a pro, that you are trustworthy.

You want good clients. The ones who are coachable and fun to work with. And, the more prospects that come to you, the more selective you can be – choosing the ones you can help the most, the ones who will energize you as a coach, the most ideal ones.

Your freebie is a marketing tool for helping you get these types of clients. It can be a short report, a tip sheet, an instructional diagram, an ebook or other.

Your freebie is a tool to help them get to know you.

Downloading it is an easy step for clients to take to learn about you immediately.

Using your freebie helps you “attract” instead of chase.

The act of creating a polished, professional and helpful freebie implies ‘expert’.

Sharing it freely is a way to get your name out.

Creating a freebie is a great way to enable others to share what you do with their friends.

It’s a great tool to encourage people to visit your website – to download it.

It’s a great tool for attracting clients – when done right!

Here are the three parts with your freebie you’ve gotta have to help you market and bring more clients to you.

Part 1 – The Welcome Section

In the first part of the freebie is the welcome section. It’s your personal message to congratulate them on taking action to read this freebie.

It’s your chance to tell them what you do – and be sure to highlight benefits you bring your clients and not just talk about about the process. They need to know what you do professionally. They need to know that you are taking clients.

Tell them what to do to take action to reach you. Tell them to email you, call you, fill out a form or whatever your first step is. The easiest is to call or email you.

Part 2 – The Body

In the body, the bulk of the freebie, it’s time to deliver value.

Support the title of your freebie by explaining key concepts, giving tips for success, show steps to take to realize results.

Use real life examples, stories you’ve read about, personal experiences, testimonials from clients, well-chosen quotes to support your points, visuals, photos, diagrams to teach. Give recommended action steps to challenge people to do something.

The body is the value. Your job in the freebie is to advise, teach, and motivate. In return, they get to know your personality and like you more, and they begin to see you as an expert.

Part 3 – The Call-to-Action

At the end of your freebie, challenge your visitor to take action and contact you. When they do, you qualify them or just set a call to sell them on coaching (when I say sell, I mean hear about their situation, and if the seem to be a good candidate, Once they reach you, you ask about their situation, desires and pains, and if they seem ideal, outline coaching and invite them to start).

Include your contact information here and make it easy to reach you.

I often title this section, “Your Next Step” or “Take the Next Step” or “Are You Ready to Start Improving Things Now?”

You can also include your bio at the end of your freebie to further detail the value you can bring, but it’s more of a formality. What you really need to do is invite them to take action – to contact you.

In conclusion …

As you can see, your freebie does good for both you and the potential client. For you, it tells them about what you do and urges them to contact you. For them, it provides helpful content (education, awareness, motivation, etc) so that they are better off than before they read it.

Be sure to use the three parts above: the welcome, the body, and the call-to-action.

I’d love to hear your thoughts, ideas, suggestions and frustrations about freebies. Just comment below.

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    1. Depends on strategy. But I’d suggest for most new coaches, to get their email list going, to give a sweet freebie for instant consumption. Then continue delivering value via the list.

  1. Hi Kenn

    This is something I haven’t yet done, but it’s been on my ‘to do’ list for ages! A great post, very helpful, I’m hopeful it’ll spur me into action in the not too distant future.

    I think maybe I’m making it too complex, sometimes you just have to start and go for it.

    JFDI is the phrase that comes to mind for me …

  2. Hi, well I wish this was in my email about a week ago as I just had my web designer add an assessment I created as my giveaway so that I can capture their name and hopefully even phone number. Is there some place else on my page besides where my sign up is that you would suggest putting this? I am 99% done with my page and have to add my classes and programs so still a tiny bit of work to do but at least it is finally done. BTW I messaged you once telling you I am originally from Wantagh like right off Clark St by the SOBE. Thanks for all you do!

    1. Hey Sandy. I think I replied to the Wantagh email. As for location of freebie, it’s good to mention it on your other online profiles -> “Get my [freebie] at my [site]” kind of thing. I also toyed around with a FREE STUFF page which has increase sign ups.

      But I think the key is to have a killer freebie.