Coaching Website Review – Sports Coach Geoff

Below is a quick website review of Geoff Greig’s sports coaching website. I’m looking for ways to improve it for client attraction.

(Click here if the video doesn’t show.)

Besides mistakingly calling Geoff by his last name, Greig, here are the key wisdom bits I want you to walk away with from watching the video: 

  • Avoid creating funky terms that you think is cool. Like “innerspirational” (trying to talk some mojo from within) or “successfill” (trying to talk about lots of success). They just confuse people. Getting simple, good copy is hard enough.
  • Avoid sliding images that wiz around on your website. They are distracting and I’ve almost never seen any coach’s website do it well. Now if we were talking about photographers or makeup artists …
  • Make your message, simple and clear and up front. Trick – check the bottom of your about page, that’s where coaches often bury the good stuff in a last bit-o-copy effort to bring in excitement.
  • Keep your menu simple, consistent in behavior, and 
  • Use images and colors that give the feeling you want visitors to have at your website. Energetic colors for sports along with visuals of high performance are great. Softer colors when your target client is looking for a feeling of peace, calm and healing.
  • Don’t use too many colors, fonts, and styles for your text. Keep it simple with headlines, only 1-2 fonts, and an obvious organization of content.
  • If you’re struggling make your content more exciting, check the bottom of your about page – that’s where coaches tend to hide the big WHY. 
  • When you think about your website, the pages, the words, the visuals, the buttons, the colors, the widgets, doodads and thingamajiggies, always be asking, How will this help me attract clients?

Geoff is a sports performance coach at He trains athletes to get in the zone and master their mental game so they can consistently perform at a high level.

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