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Three Keys to an Attractive Coaching Website Header

Three Keys to an Attractive Coaching Website Header

If you’re building a coaching website and are aiming to build up your guru image so that people will see you as smart, intelligent, caring, authentic – essentially a great coach, your website header should include these three elements.

Before I go into them, let me remind you that when clients hire coaches, when they are wondering if you’re the kind of person they want to work with, two of … read on


Four Keys to a Great Coaching Pic Look

It’s all about perception.

When people check you out online, they take all the inputs (written word, images, profile detail, comments, etc.) and formulate an opinion of you.

This is their perception.

The more favorable their perception, the more likely they will be drawn to you and want to get on your email list, buy a product or contact you for coaching.

One key element in their perception of you … read on

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How to Take a Great Headshot

The problem is that poorly taken photos disconnect you with clients. At the core of coaching is the ability to listen, high degree of trust, openness, exploration and care for your client – care that they get help. Your photo should give off that feeling.

Ever look at a photo and instantly get drawn to that person? That’s a photo that connects.

Ideally, a good photo says, “Hey! I’m a … read on