Coaching Website Reviews

A Batch of Coaching Website Reviews and Tips for Attracting Clients

I put out an invitation to my list to review their websites. They’re getting 10-minute videos with my best advice for improving them to attract clients.

If you want some quality time with Kenn to review your website and find ways to improve it, just book a website reviews session with me now.

There were a lot of responses, so I’m going to get to them in order, 2 per week, according to FIFO, which means “first in, first out” in queuing theory or more commonly understood as “first come, first serve”.

  1. Christopher Catt at video
  2. Corine Hines at | watch video
  3. Teya Skae at | watch video
  4. Mary Patry at | watch video
  5. Jessica Hylands at | watch video
  6. Christa Smith at | watch video
  7. Gaye Kuelsen at | watch video
  8. Shayne Montgomery at | watch video
  9. Leslie Morales at | watch video
  10. Calvin Wootton at | watch video
  11. Jackie Meek at | watch video
  12. Martin Petkov at | watch video
  13. Phil Summerfield at | watch review | watch video
  14. Jonathan Roman at | watch video
  15. Tony Eason at | watch video
  16. Sue Curr at | watch video
  17. Santosh Whadghule at | watch now
  18. Lawrie Scott at | watch now 
  19. Tony Galves at | watch now
  20. Evelyn Jenkinson at | watch now
  21. Ivy Lim at | watch new (new)
  22. Bindu Johnson at | watch review (new)
  23. Katherine Bock at | watch now (new)

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  1. Hello Kenn,

    I’ve made all of the changes that you suggested for my site!

    You said to post it when done. I’ve put the link below. Is this where you meant?

    Thanks a mill and I hope you’re impressed with my efforts!

    The video needs re doing because of bad hair and sound but I’ve put this effort up for now.


  2. Thanks Kenn for taking the time to review my website, and will get to making the changes you have suggested. Once again, appreciate your valuable insights!

  3. Thank you Kenn for taking the time to review my site (all of our sites!!!) I am taking your comments to heart and intend on implementing the changes you suggested. I appreciate you and all you do for us coaches.

  4. Hey Gang, I did the first two, which I emailed out to everyone on my email list. I will be posting them as blogs and linking back to them here as well.

    You’ll get notified.

  5. I am looking forward to the review of my website. You helped me a great deal before when you reviewed my other website. Thanks so much