ABC rule for webpages

Attracting Coaching Clients With Your Website and The Work-at-Beach Mismatch

ABC rule for webpages

The beach is a BAD place for laptop work. 

Let me explain … 

Interestingly, the reason for this is closely related to a key concept for attracting clients. 

You see, my fine-feathered, social-sleuthing amigo, the beach is bad for productivity because of a conflict of environments.

(being a people-empowerer, you probably run across the idea that your environment affects your mood, kinda like like being in a grocery store makes you hungry)

And so, at the beach, I want to play volleyball, soak in the sun, splash about, and laugh with friends — not work, nor tax my nervous system with electricity.

But, if it’s time to geek out, create websites, and fire-up some online marketing, then I’m after a neat cafe where I suck down coffee, hunch over my mac, and put on my intense, productive face.

The beach and work don’t go together like peanut butter and jelly. It’s more like hot chicken wings and cookies n cream ice cream — great on their own but not in the same mouthful (well maybe … nah, not really). 

I think you get the idea. 

But, back to your website. How does this conflicting idea — of a mismatch of environment and task — relate at all to the fine art of finding clients in a coaching business?

Well, my Facebook-surfing, bird-of-my-coaching-feather, the secret is just what we’re talking about — you’ve gotta think of your website as an environment (better yet an experience) that you set up so that potential clients see and feel that you’d be a great coach to hire.

You want to match their interest (finding help) with an experience at your website that supports that completely.

Every last word, graphic, button, link, and pixel should be aimed at helping them see you as the coach they should work with. Don’t put anything in there (random pictures, Confucius quotes, amazon books, your dog) unless it supports them in seeing how you’d be an amazing coach for them. 

** You don’t want to make your website to make them feel like they are in the wrong place, turn them off, be irrelevant, or conflicting.***

Don’t make it distasteful.

Your content, visuals, voice, wording, pages, and every last ingredient puts them in a fully-indulged state of succeeding, growing, and realizing important goals of their lives, relationships, work, and careers.

I wrote a lot about this in The Coaching Website Guide.

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