Coaching Website Tweak for Ann


To improve Ann’s coaching website for client attraction, here are before and after images along with my suggested tweak.

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Before screenshot

coaching website for ann

My suggested tweak for attracting more clients with your website

Thanks for posting your site Ann … really love the 5 minute “reset me” meditation and invite to your list. Smart. Nice.

Before people buy, follow, and engage with you, they need a big WHY. Why should they join your list, read your site, and consider buying?

And so, the biggest thing I’d suggest is to add a great headline or a short summary statement/paragraph that says what you do. Make sure it’s rich with benefits and make it prominent by ditching the slider effect and make your logo smaller. 

Here’s the after screenshot

coach website ann after

As you can see, it’s now clearer what Ann does (offer products) and the big value to be gained: better skills and more client success.

What do you think? Love to hear from you, just comment below. 

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  1. Kenn. love your ideas. I want to follow your advice and make a profound, grabbing statement but I’m struggling with the words. The words you suggest would be great if I was just targeting other professionals to buy my products- but, while that is part of my target audience I also offer in-person counseling and am targeting the end user for the products as well.

    Any ideas you might have on a succinct message would be greatly appreciated.

    -Ann Silvers

    Ann Silvers, MA
    counselor, relationship coach, hypnotherapist, author

    1. A little finagling and you should be able to do it … just bear in mind that you need to emphasize the benefits in addition to WHO and WHAT it is you’re offering. I’m going to leave that with you for homework and brain-racking. 😉