How to Write 10 Great Blogs Fast - The Mistakes Method

How to Write 10 Great Blogs Fast – The Mistakes Method

Blogging can be a struggle especially if you’re a new blogger getting off the ground.

The whole technical process can be clunky, creative writing blocks may hit you hard, and choosing good topics can be a stretch for newbies.

How to Write 10 Great Blogs Fast - The Mistakes Method

This friction can hurt your marketing efforts and hinder your ability to get new clients.

Remember, good blog articles show you’re a pro and they get people to follow you around – eventually buying from you.

In this article, I’ll give you a simple way to bang out 10 articles fast, covering your weekly blogging butt for a few months.

I’ll call it the Mistakes Method.

Step 1. Quickly Brainstorm a Challenge That One of Your Clients Has Faced

Quickly choose a common challenge many of your readers/clients face.

Simply ask yourself, “What are my clients biggest fears, worries, and stresses?”

For example, one of my clients helps men who have been recently diagnosed with high blood pressure.

After a quick brainstorm, one of the main challenges these men face is figuring how the heck to lower blood pressure as most go home and have no idea what to do about it and most end up going back 3 months later to report an even worsened condition.

They get advice like “eat better, exercise, de-stress” but the advice never makes it into practice.

If you’re coaching is a bit more general, say you coach people who are in transition, often in career transition.

Then one challenge can be “getting over the fears of letting go of a past career.”

Step 2. List Out 10 Mistakes People Make When Trying to Overcome the Challenge

Now that you’ve got the main challenge, list out the 10 mistakes (or whatever number you come up with) that people make when attempting to overcome the challenge.

List out the specific actions they take that don’t work.

So, with the blood pressure example, a few of the mistakes could be:

  1. Trying to join a gym.
  2. Trying to get up early to exercise.
  3. Trying to eat less food.
  4. Telling themselves to “relax”.

Now each of these mistakes will end up being a WHOLE blog article of its own.

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Step 3. Write ONE BLOG for Each Mistake

We are going to write one single blog article for each of the mistakes above. We will take one simple mistake and expand on it with lots of detail to really drive home the article’s point.

For example, the first mistake, joining a gym, can be an article about how going to a gym often fails.

It can be about a person who hasn’t considered other activities that might be more fun like bike riding with his wife, or tennis with a buddy that he or she will actually stick to.

Also, you can go into matters like gyms being boring, gyms requiring a lot of time, going in the morning is hard if you’re already lacking sleep, as well as no accountability measures put in place.

Doing ONE article per mistake is very easy too. It can be done quickly and easily as you’re focused on just one thing.

Here’s a simple outline for the article content.

  1. Introduce the mistake and the damage it does.
  2. Give tips, keys, steps, and questions for resolving the mistake.
  3. Give examples or stories to highlight your points.
  4. Conclude with the main point of the article.
  5. Invite people to comment on your blog.
    (Great place to ask coachy questions and challenge people to act).

Again with my example, the tips could be:

  • Remove other activities that aren’t worth the time.
  • Make a list of 10 possible activities and evaluate how fun each is.
  • Find a simple way to quickly start the activity asap.
  • Get a friend to join you to make it more fun and stay accountable.

People LOVE Articles About Fixing Mistakes Which, In Turn, Brings You Clients

People who are struggling want to figure out why and then fix it.

It’s just simple human nature to want to grow past our problems. And so, we’re always on the lookout for solutions.

Thus, when you do articles about the mistake, not only will your articles grab attention, if you can write some good information in the article, you’ll also position yourself as an expert.

Being an expert is very good for attracting coaching clients.

The great thing about mistakes-based articles is that you keep focused on readers interests. As a result, they’ll see you as problem-solver – a catalyst for success they oughta work with.

They’ll gravitate to you.

A 1-Minute Challenge for You

Remember that if you’re going to commit to doing a blog, make the process as simple as you can to avoid the friction of getting it going.

Use the mistakes method to help you get great articles out there quickly and easily!

Challenge: Can you think of a common struggle along with 3 mistakes (or approaches that don’t work) people make when trying to overcome it?

Post it below and I’ll put you on My Favorite People in The World, List C. 

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    1. Coooool! Will you share your posts at the linked in group when you find a fun batch to write about? (You’d be, expanding on the great discussion AND promoting what you do indirectly. Hint hint!).

  1. Hey Applepie, thanks for chiming in. I’m late on the reply, but … I’ve totally been there. It caused HUGE friction when it came time to write. Slice, chop, narrow, zero-in, hone, drill down … find one ROCK SOLID concept to share and then you can really elaborate on that one thing. Best of luck!

  2. Hey Applepie … you’re saying that (1) finding your voice, (2) sharing too much, and (3) no one will want to read it, and (4) feeling like a text book .. are challenges you face?

    Thanks for sharing them. Wish I had the answer to those challenges … perhaps I can share some ideas via a future blog article!

    I know that when I envision the ideal client in front of me, and he/she is asking me for help or struggling with something specific … I can often help guide them. Specific blog articles are much easier for me to write.

    Also, one recent thing I’ve been doing, is to set a timer for 30 minutes to write my article imperfectly, helps me stay focused and to the point.

    I wonder what you could do to help you overcome those 4 things … what have you tried? what isn’t working? what might be worth a try you kinda want to try?

    (then I just let blogs fly, i’ve made messy things before )

    Good to have your ideas here.

  3. The “up at night” question is marvelous. Often times those kinds of questions require a book to answer. If there are unique aspects of the challenge that can be honed in on to make a quick article, but juicy one … then that’s super if you’re a slow, stuck or inconsistent blogger. Find that your articles end up too long?

  4. Thanks for the idea. I also love taking tips etc.. straight from my courses. What do you think about that?