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For Noel Rosos at

Thanks for sharing Noel.

Think of your site as an adventure. An experience. A journey to a great future.

Do you remember how it feels when you clarify your dreams, when you spend time with someone sharing them, then an energy, a momentum naturally builds.


A similar feeling needs to happen at your website for your visitors.

Your website needs to take the visitor on a path to a greater future – and your content is key for this.

As it stands, the blog headline “Stop giving yourself something to worry about” is just a statement of advice.

There’s no reason to read that article further.

The title doesn’t lead and in my experience, gets a low readership rate.

In work with my clients and my own emails to my list, I know that article titles that promise BIG BENEFITS and have MYSTERY are tried and trued ways to get readers to read – or shall I say, to get people on that journey of hope.

Fix your headlines to use the mystery and benefit elements.

Also, Ditch the ads.

Why have them? Because your site is a free site? Then, you’ll be seen as all of those other ad types of sites – promoty, spammy, poor in advice, unprofessional, cyberspace wasters.

You don’t want people looking at ads for biz cards or whatever else Google serves up and you certainly don’t want visitors to click away. You want them to engage with your site, to dream big, see you as the catalyst, and contact you to become your client – or sign up or buy something.

Here’s your site before:

noel coaching site before


Here’s your website after with better article titles:

noel coaching site after

See the difference?

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  1. I’m always surprised/shocked when a coach has google ads or something similar on their website. Makes them look incredibly unprofessional in my opinion.

    1. Hey Ed … using a free site service can result in ads. I suspect the coach didn’t really want them. I doubt it was a conscious choice. Thanks for making a peep here.