Coaching Website Tweak for Veronica

To improve Veronica Monet’s sex and relationship coaching website for client-attraction, here are before-and-after images along with my suggested tweak.

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Before screenshot …

before screenshot

My suggested tweak for client-attraction …

I really like the image and colors and feeling, seems relaxed and safe perhaps for the person ashamed of something they want to get past.

Also I like the email list and free download offer. That’s great for growing your database – the gold 😉

What I’d do to improve engagement (both opt-ins and article reading) is get the ebook visual and blog headlines higher up on the page for instant access without scrolling. Also, you’ve got a great headshot – expert-like, super-friendly. That’s a big plus.

After screenshot …

after screenshot

What’s your take? Got ideas to improve further? Dislike something? Love to hear from you. Comment below.

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  1. Hi Veronica… I like what I see and the only thing I would add is a requirement for a name even if only a first name. It makes further communication in the future from you more personal.