kenn sips on coffee

Writing about coaching is HARD! Try this …

Web copy can be rough — about me pages, services, homepage, blogs, etc.

You gotta pull it together, but the words can be elusive. Right?

You might face writer’s block, idea overload, perfectionism, overwhelm or TMI (too much info) which can be debilitating.

This classic coaching state of being is called STUCK!

When I find myself like this, this magic question works like the magic …

Then, I close the laptop, put the pen down, stand up and take a walk, outside ideally and around the block for 5-10 minutes.

Getting off your blood-restricted, chair-fused butt and get moving — which, interestingly, starts to breed a “solving state” by physical action.

Then, my fine-feathered coach, see what pops up as you trust that smarter, infinite wisdom that comes from simply “asking a question.”

Oh, the power. Oh, the joy of questions.

Just three ideas. ONLY 3 ideas.

You can do it!

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Book buyers love the chapter-by-chapter, page-by-page, and step-by-step writing guidance in The Coaching Website Guide. Check that out if you’re really stuck.

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