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One hiccup that kills your list-building efforts

You know it’s important to grow your email list (or, in not-so-olden olden days language, “build your database”).

Your email list is the people who are interested in what you do and offer but aren’t yet ready to buy (or call you for your free coaching session).

They are your potential clients and customers.

And with a big list of trusted subscribers, you’ll earn all the income you need.

The … read on

Three Keys to Inspiring Ongoing Connections with New Visitors

Inspiring Ongoing Connections and a Hobbit-sized LOTR Reference

Some people will quickly want to talk to you about hiring you as their coach. Most will take time, especially if they don’t know you. And that’s why it’s vital to keep an ongoing conversation with people.

But you can’t just plop on the Web and say, “Hey, I’m a coach. Come check me out. Follow me.” People just won’t follow you because you exist. You’ve got to be worthwhile. … read on

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Coach Website Mistake on Free Consultations

When people come to your coaching website, it’s not assumed by them that you are looking to take on clients. In fact, when many people arrive at a coach’s website, they often have no idea what it is you offer.

If your primary aim is to get clients, then you’ll need to make that overly clear. And, remember, both clients AND REFERRERS – people who may tell others about you … read on


How to Start a Keep-in-touch Strategy in 32 Minutes

So you want a website to get you clients right? You want to sell your coaching programs or products. You want a business to sustain you financially while you get to help people succeed. Great!

The problem is that many people, when they first come to your site, don’t know you well enough; don’t trust you enough; aren’t familiar with you enough to act on buying or contacting you now.… read on