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Design or Text-Only Email Newsletters?

While having a gorgeously designed email template gives eye appeal, the harsh reality is that trying to implement a visually stunning email newsletter often causes more problems than its worth for new coaches starting a business.

Here are five common problems with designed newsletters:

1. Accessibility is poorer.

When you send a designed email, it requires coding to properly position the graphics.

The email program that people use to read … read on


Four Keys to a Great Coaching Pic Look

It’s all about perception.

When people check you out online, they take all the inputs (written word, images, profile detail, comments, etc.) and formulate an opinion of you.

This is their perception.

The more favorable their perception, the more likely they will be drawn to you and want to get on your email list, buy a product or contact you for coaching.

One key element in their perception of you … read on

Dude, Three Dos for Smooth Site Surfing

When people surf, they’re on a smooth fun wave, and they like it like that. They like to ride that wave, feel the glide, fly through the wind and see the earth move under their feet. It’s exhilarating!

That’s how people want to surf when they are on your website.

So, don’t scatter your website with coral reefs, riptides, or men in grey suits (sharks)! Instead, make nice smooth fun … read on


Handy and Brandy for a Better Coaching Site

They say God is in the details.

Recently, I heard someone say the devil is in the details. Interesting, I thought.

I’ve also heard, “It’s all in the details.”

Hmmm … well, here are two great details; one handy, and one brandy (branding).… read on

Text Link Usability to Keep People Longer

Noisy, ugly, confusing pages scare people away. Easy to read and use pages keep people longer.

Ever seen a page with more links than sand in the Sahara? And to make it worse, have you seen such a page with multi-colored super-bright links that make the page look like Lite-Brite?

Unusable and scary!… read on

3 Minimalist Keys (increasing website effectiveness)

A quick story.

About two years ago, I decided to make my business mobile. I got rid of office equipment (computers, phone, printers), removed extra software (lots of MS stuff), and stopped various office tasks (printing stuff and filing).

I dropped down to one laptop and headed to Paris for six weeks to test it out. It was awesome. I jumped around various coffee shops, napped in parks, and focused … read on

3 Steps to Design for Client Attraction

It’s not the mere fact of having a website which is important. It’s having a strategy or purpose for it.

Only with a purpose in mind, can you effectively organize the pages, add features, and write your copy.

And, for many new coaches, their main goal is to build up a practice full o’ clients.

To do that, you must apply client-attraction design.

Here are the three steps:

1 –… read on