Top WordPress Questions

Top WordPress Questions from Coaches

Below are the top WordPress questions I get from coaches I’ve compiled from the free Facebook group, Set Up Your Coaching Website on WordPress (free, join us).

It’s a group of do-it-yourself coaches who want to build their own websites so they can have powerful control, get a little creative, and bring their coaching biz dreams to life.

If you’re just getting started with WordPress, these videos can help:

If you’ve got a question about WordPress, please post it below in the comments, or hop on over to the group (opens in a new tab) and ask it there.

Top WordPress Questions from Coaches
Top WordPress Questions from Coaches. Ask your question below.

I’m growing this list, so please ask your question in the comments down below.

  1. How do I get started with WordPress?
  2. Can I have my clients schedule online?
  3. Why is Gutenberg Blocks confusing?
  4. What should I include on my coaching website?

WordPress Question #1 of 4:
How do I get started with WordPress?

I made these three videos to help you get quickly started on WordPress, and learn the basics.

  1. How to Setup Your Website on WordPress (opens in a new tab)
  2. Learning the Lingo of WordPress (opens in a new tab)
  3. Getting the Divi Theme Going (opens in a new tab)

The way I like to teach it is to get your hands dirty right away, but without getting held up on tech or confusion for too long. To get you quickly publishing content online so you can see it for real. It’s exciting.

For $$ costs, it’s a few dollars a month for hosting at BlueHost (if you pay annual, you save a few bucks). Your domain name will be about $12 USD per year (you can buy multiple years for discounts). And if you get a premium them like Divi, it’s $89/year.

If you’re not in our FB group, just go here.

WordPress Question 2 of 4:
Can I have my clients schedule online?

You definitely can build a website on WordPress and have your clients schedule online via your website. BUT, the software to do so is “not native to WordPress,” — meaning it’s not a core functionality of WordPress. So, you’ll need to add it on, which isn’t hard.

There many of these services available from Calendly to Acuity, and more. I even ran into PaperBell, which does more than just calendar booking. They are a newcomer that looks amazeballs.

When it comes to plugins (software you active into the guts of WordPress), I’d have to dig around for more names of plugins.

I personally use (and love) Acuity (opens in a new tab). See my book a guidance call page to have people choose their time and pay for the session in advance. You can also have clients manage their time slots each week on their own as per your availability.

Post below with more questions!

WordPress Question 3 of 4:
Why is Gutenberg Blocks confusing?

Because it’s new technology. Because it’s a new way of thinking. Because things with WordPress often start out basic and then superstar coders and designers swoop in and take it to the next level with plugins, themes, and more — which if they do well, are worth paying for.

But fear not, when you get the idea of it, I think you’ll appreciate the power behind it. As a coach, a novice techie, my job is to teach you simple yet powerful basics, so you can make magical things happen with your website.

The old text editor style (like Microsoft Word) was based on a printed document and is conceptually not how web pages are. Instead, the block editor is just that — creating and managing a bunch of blocks of content.

I need to do a rock-solid Gutenberg blocks video, or at least find one out there. If you would like that video, please hit LIKE and post a comment below. I respond well when real people have real needs, so thank you for speaking up 😉

WordPress Question 4 of 4:
What should I include on my coaching website?

If you know me, I love strategy. And a good strategy will dictate the structure, content, and use of your website.

But I know new folks to WordPress are simply aiming to get it up, looking good, with “the basics” so they can start using it and officially “be in business.”

So, so support your basic, grassroots marketing efforts, I’d at least start with these items, which I talk about in my book.

  • A good write-up about what you do that highlights the benefits of coaching while aligning (as best you can) to the potential clients you’re likely to meet. This could be as simple as your homepage summary of a few screenfuls.
  • A good write-up of who you are (an about me page) because people will want to know, Who the wizard behind the curtain? And have a picture! You’d be surprised how many coach websites I’ve seen without a photo of the coach.
  • Stories of clients (or people, colleagues, friends, and most ideally paying clients) you have helped before. This is big credibility.
  • What to do to get in touch with you for an initial session. Just be clear and obvious about it, not vague or hidden about it.

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