10 Keys to a Catchy Coaching Domain Name

It’s easy to get caught up in the naming game and spend too much time worrying about coming up with the perfect domain name. You want to choose the right one, but are worried it might be too long, confusing, or for some reason, feel the need to keep thinking.

As a quick reality check, don’t expect your domain name to be so amazing that just seeing it will inspire a prospective client to grab the phone and call you for coaching. That’s the job of yourm arketing materials and continued interactions with your prospects.

Also, when it comes to enticing people to visit your website, an attractive domain name can certainly help. But the bulk of attracting visitors will stem from the titles of the various enticements you offer to people such as articles and teleclasses.

For example, if someone saw that your article titled, “5 Steps to Skyrocketing Your Motivation” was available at your website, they would click with little concern about what your domain name looked like.

Nonetheless, a catchy domain name, one that garners attention and is easy to pass on to others is ideal. Consider these 10 keys.

1. Easy to read – On the web, hard-to-read pages are very frustrating and are quickly closed. We want things easy as pie.

2. Easy to understand – Again, if we have to think hard about what we’re reading, it creates doubt, hesitation and stalls actions.

3. Shorter is better – Names with simpler, shorter words are easier to remember, spell, share and type in correctly. Thus, www.CoachJohn.com is better than www.JohnSmithBusinessCoaching.com.

4. Easy to remember – This helps people spread your name by word of mouth. I’m sure you’ve had the situation where you’ve said to someone, “You must check out this website. It’s umm … I’ll email it to you when I get home.” The problem is, you won’t remember. Names that are easier to remember are more ideal.

5. Easy to spell – Some names are easy to read and understand, but can be difficult to spell. And when it comes to reaching your website, if it’s misspelled, it’s not reached!

6. You like it – You’re going to be using this domain name for years to come. It should be something that sounds and feels good to you.

7. Expresses a benefit – Remember, your target audience wants good things in life. If your domain name can tickle that fancy, it’s ideal. Ex. www.OvercomeObstacles.com.

8. Tells what you do – People love it when they click on links and the page they end up at is what they expect. It’s godsend.
Thus a name like www.SuccessCoaching.com would work well.

9. It’s available – Every day domain names are snatched up by new businesses and resellers. The good news is that with a little creativity, you can still come up with a good one. For example, since www.SuccessCoach.com is taken, you could try www.YourSuccessCoach.com.

10. Go for a “.com” over .net, .org, or any other extension.

Here are some examples of good domain names …

www.LawBizMastery.com is better than www.AttorneyBusinessSpecialist.com because it’s short, direct, easy to read, remember, spell and expresses a benefit.

www.InTheBusinessOfLife.com is good because it tells what the website is about. It speaks to its target audience: business executives who want to improve their personal lives.

www.GetReadyToLead.com is great because it speaks to those who want to be better leaders AND this URL was available at the time because it’s a bit long. It’s also ULTRA easy to recall and spell.

www.EbookCoach.com – It obviously tells what the website is about.

www.LifeCoachJohn.com – It’s great because it’s easy to remember, spell and pass on to others. It also states simply and plainly what exactly John does.

www.PermanentFatLoss.com – For a health coach, this is excellent because it highlights a benefit: permanent fat loss, and highlights the problem of being overweight.

Go get it!

I strongly recommend using GoDaddy to register your domain name. I’ve used them for over 10 years. They are proactive about improving their services – a great sign! You can use GoDaddy to see what’s available and to get suggestions.

In conclusion, remember not to worry too much about the perfect name. Know that your other marketing materials will be at work helping you attract people to your website. But do bear these 10 ideals to make your domain name catchy.

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